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The Life Blood of Your Not-For-Profit

You Have to Raise Money

The expression "it takes money to make money" is as true for fundraising as it is for any other arena. There is simply no question that organizations that invest in dedicated fund development professionals will raise more money, and in most cases far more money, than those that do not. For example, the U.S. universities that raise millions of dollars every year and have endowment funds into the billions have very large fund development professionals. The return on the investment is enormous.


Marathon in the City
Food Packing

That's What We Do You You 

Fun Runs, Galas, Golf   

Is What Everyone Does  

And doing with everyone does may not help you raise the money you need.

To make matters worse, you are competing with larger organizations that have donors with deep pockets.

We know how to help you raise money. We know how to do it.

We know the people who can do it and...

The Time to Get Started is Now  

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